Patricia Hopwood-Wade

Watercolour artist

about Patricia Hopwood-Wade

Why emus? This is a question I am often asked.  When our workplace was being re-structured, I thought to myself, we need something in our office that will make us smile.  I painted an emu.  The feedback I received from that first emu painting was extraordinary.  As it didn’t let up, I thought to myself, I’m not the only one who wants to look at a painting and smile.  So, I painted more emus doing emu things.
Since then, I’ve branched out and have explored painting realistic animals, whimsical scenes and urban sketching.  My work has been exhibited in numerous Tasmanian exhibitions and many paintings have been sold to private collections in Australia and abroad.  I have received several People’s Choice and Highly Commended Awards and in 2015, I was a finalist in a national illustration competition.  My images have featured on furniture, puzzles and a children’s book.