Offset Printing Proofing

Offset printing is the process of using a printing press to create books or brochures in high volume, low cost projects. The Australian printing industry is moving towards an ISO standard for offset printing allowing creatives to predict the colour changes that will occur as they change their images from wide gamut RGB data to the much smaller gamut CMYK space of an offset press. Our printing system has been set up to simulate the Australian ISO 12647-2:2008 standard. The paper stock is Gamut Proofing Paper with the following characteristics:


  • FOGRA certification for Offset PT1/PT2/PT3, Flexo, Gravure S1/S2/S3/S4
  • Paper white point 95, 0 -2 optimised for FOGRA39
  • Controlled white point accuracy less than Delta E 1.0
  • Free from Optical Brightener
  • 190 g/m2
  • Semi matte finish

Proofs can be created as a scatter of images or as a full composite document page. Please call for details.