Tania Slapar-Koman


about Tania Slapar-Koman

Tania was born in Melbourne, the first generation of migrant parents from Slovenia. She came to Tasmania as a teenager on a holiday and fell in love with the natural beauty and wildness of this island state. At 20 she left the big city, hitched around Tassie for a few months and eventually moved to Hobart.
Growing up, she spent much time in her father’s illustrating studio at home- learning, watching and creating.
In her twenties, she studied a Diploma in Screen Print design at RMIT, Melbourne, an experience which helped her grow as an artist and to explore and create new and different styles which she still uses today in her work. Seeing the world through a creative lens, she lives a diverse life. This diversity includes being an artist, picture framer, yoga teacher and environmental activist.
She uses a range of mediums to create her semi abstract, nature inspired paintings. She predominately works with Acrylic’s, watercolours, gouache, fine liners and metallic paints and markers. Her work is often highly detailed, expressing the multitude of patterns, shapes and colours in nature.
She creates her artworks from the heart…an intuitive way of creating. This allows what wants to be seen and realised from her connection with nature to come forth with flow. Her creative mission is for people who experience her artworks to feel this deep connection with nature and to remember that we are always connected, not separate from it.
She has exhibited extensively in group shows in Tasmania and mainland Australia. She has completed painting commissions for private collectors around Australia. She has recently started selling prints of her original artworks at markets in Southern Tasmania and completed her first public street artwork through Urban Smart Projects. Her latest creative pursuit is becoming a mural artist, a new and exciting creative shift.