Metal Printing

A unique product with a very high gloss finish, saturated colours and nearly indestructible. Dye inks are infused directly into the surface of sheet metal, trimmed and finished ready to hang. The prints are finished with a 10mm foam float mount and metal hanger, giving a modern edgeless look.

Prices for Metal Printing
Print Size (in) Print Size (cm) Price
RRP (inc)
8x10" 20.3x25.4 $102
8x12" 12.7x10.2 $116
10x10" 25.4x25.4 $118
10x20" 25.4x50.8 $140
11x14" 27.9x35.6 $151
12x12" 30.5x30.5 $124
12x18 30.5x45.7 $178
12x24" 30.5x60.9 $211
12x36" 30.5x91.4 $267
16x16" 40.6x40.6 $162
16x20" 40.6x50.8 $203
16x24" 40.6x61.0 $299
20x20" 50.8x50.8 $307
20x24" 50.8x61.0 $318
20x30" 50.8x76.2 $339
24x24" 61.0x61.0 $377
24x30" 61.0x76.2 $473
24x36" 61.0x91.4 $583
30x40" 76.2x101.6 $647
32x44" 81.3x111.8 $698
A3 21x29.7 $166
A4 29.7x42 $116


Electronic File delivery

You can upload your design to us using our Hightail File delivery service. It is free and you can put in a message telling us what size you require, what banner type and when you need the finished work by. Please include your contact details such as name and phone number, and a postal address if we need to send it to you. 

Click on the image below to begin 




Once we have finalised you banner we will create and invoice which we can email for payment or you can pay in-store if collecting the poster from Full Gamut.

Please contact the team by phone on (03) 6240 3350 or by email at