We are able to scan all film formats up to 8x10". We use a combination of Epson and Nikon scanners and use Silverfast as our scanning application. These are fully colour managed scans with ICE dust and scratch removal enabled.

Although our scanners are profiles and colour managed, it is rare to get 100% colour accuracy in scans. Slightly different dye sets in different film stocks will produce slightly different results. The colour correction needed is usually very minor.

We do not spot your scans as the price is already very low, although the digital ICE removal does much of the work for you.

Source material can be colour transparency, B&W negative, colour or B&W prints and colour negatives.

Please note that both colour negative and Kodachrome originals are very difficult to scan and colour match. Colour negative poses problems as we have no reference as to what the original scene looked like, except for the film stock marked on the rebate of the film. We can not guarantee colour accuracy on colour negative stocks.