Wallpaper and Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are great for livening up a retail space or as a feature wall in a home. Prints are available in a variety of surfaces including:

  • Traditional wallpaper
  • Removable and re-positionable PhotoTex
  • Smooth laminated wall vinyl


Printing is charged by the Linear meter of per drop as indicated in the table below.

Prices for Wallpaper & Wall Graphics
Print Material Roll Width Price per linear meter
Phototex Blockout 1370mm $135.60
Phototex Blockout 1524mm $150.90
Laminated Vinyl 1370mm $150.50
Neschen Smooth Wallpaper  1600mm $134.40
Neschen Classic Wallpaper (textured) 1600mm $150.00

Project planning

A wall covering project requires some planning. Start by accurately measuring your wall or surface to be covered. These measurements should be in mm, eg 2400mm high x 3500mm wide. It is helpful if you can provide us with a photo of the space into which the installation is to go so we can see if there are any issues that may prove problematic. When images or panels are created we usually leave a margin of 30-50mm  top and bottom to be trimmed off to ensure that you don't end up with the image running out if the walls are not square. You should allow for some image information to be lost around the edges when choosing your image.


Image size

When planning a wall project, the size, quality and resolotion of the image is important. Some images will not be suitable for large scale enlargement, such as images from phones or small images downloaded from the internet. We use sophisticated image resizing software to bring the image up to the required size. Please send us your image to assess when planning your project and we will inform you if it is of sufficient size to proceed.

please contact sales@fullgamut.com.au for advice on your project.


Traditional Wallpaper - Smooth or Textured

This is a printable traditional wallpaper. It is applied with a wallpaper paste and can be a DIY project or you can contract a painter & decorator to do it for you. It is strong and the surface can be wiped down with a soft cloth and water to remove any stains or marks. The image can be one of your own images or one purchased from a designer, photographer, graphic artist or from an image library. 

Pricing is calculated on linear meters of material used as per the table above.  The roll width is 1600mm so you may choose to do 2 x 750mm wide drops on a roll to maximise efficiency. Or you can do 1500mm wide panels to minimise the number of joins required.


Removable and re-positionable PhotoTex

PhotoTex is a re-positional adhesive fabric that can be easily applied almost anywhere, then removed and reused as desired.
PhotoTex is a peel and stick, polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out) and then removed and reused many times over.
It is easily applied by a novice installer and doesn't leave any adhesive residue when removed.

Full Gamut prints on Phototex  block-out material. If you are doing a multi panel installations with overlapping panels or if you have a dark coloured wall, the block-out material iremoves the risk of the overlapped image showuing through/

Pricing is calculated on linear meters of material used as per the table above. Two roll widths are available to maximise or usage and minimise cost.


Laminated Vinyl

This product can be used for permanent indoor installations in shops or homes. It is a smooth laminated surface that is vibrant in colour and has excellent sharpness. It can be used in outdoor applications such as signs. It works best when applied to a smooth wall surface such as plaster or substrate such as a composite panel. 

Pricing is calculated on linear meters of material used as per the table above.