Poster Prints

Our poster prints are for short term display or for non archival needs. These prints are sharp and vibrant and can be framed, block mounted or laminated. Printed on a soft satin surface 200gsm paper with a bright white base, these images will pop off the wall.

Ideal for 

  • Point of sale
  • Exhibition posters
  • Givaways and competitions
  • Product prototyping
  • Full scale test prints


Prices for Poster Prints
Print Size (in) Print Size (cm) Poster Laminated
16x24 40.6x6.09 $22.00 $40.00
20x20 50.8x50.8 $22.00 $40.00
20x24 50.8x60.9 $22.00 $40.00
24x24 60.9x60.9 $25.00 $47.00
20x30 50.8x76.2 $26.00 $50.00
24x30 60.9x76.2 $31.00 $57.00
24x36 60.9x91.4 $37.00 $67.00
30x30 76.2x76.2 $39.00 $69.00
30x40 76.2x101.6 $52.00 $90.00
40x26.6 101.6x67.6 $46.00 $81.00
30x45 76.2x114.3 $58.00 $101.00
40x50 114.3x127.0 $97.00 $163.00
40x60 114.3x152.5 $116.00 $208.00
A4 21.0x29.7 $6.00 $12.00
A3 29.7x42.0 $11.00 $23.00
A2 42.0x59.4 $22.00 $45.00
A1 59.4x84.0 $33.00 $61.00
A0 84.0x118.8 $66.00 $113.00


Electronic File delivery

You can upload your images to us using our Hightail File delivery service. It is free and you can put in a message telling us what size you require, what print type and when you need the poster by. Please include your contact details such as name and phone number, and a postal address if we need to send it to you. 

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