File Uploads

Images for printing can be uploaded to Full Gamut 

  1. If you wish to use the our online photo and photo product ordering system for fixed size Lab prints, Art prints, Canvas, Metal  or Clearface mount prints follow  our  Dakis instructions.
  2. If you wish to send us large files or non standard images use out HighTail service


How to upload files for Lab prints, Fixed Size Canvas, Metal or Fine Art Prints. 

We use the Dakis print ordering system for online print orders. This is a secure system with online payment through PayPal for Credit Card transactions.


To order standard photographic or Archival Cotton Rag (matte) paper prints, choose the Online Print Ordering option above. If you want  Fine Art prints (Matte cotton Rag or PhotoSatin,) Canvas or a Metalt prints, choose the Canvas, Fine Art and Metal Prints option above.

Follow the on screen instructions in both cases as the software is intuitive and easy to use. You will be taken through the options and payment screens. You will have the opportunity to have the images posted out to you or to pick them up in store. Click on the image above or the button below to be taken to the online ordering system.



How to upload your files for printing using High Tail Drop Box  


Use this process to send us large files or files with specific needs not caterered for in our online photo ordering system.

Click on the image below to begin 


Drag a file onto the Hightail window or click on My Computer to manually select images from your computer folders.

Once you have added and image you will see the following:


If you wish to send more images click on ADD MORE FILES


Fill in the fields shown along with a description of your job requirements and any other relavent details such as print type, framing requirements and due date.


When you are satisfied with your selection and description Click UPLOAD

After your images have been uploaded you wil see the following:


We will receive a notification that your images have been uploaded and will contact you for any additional information required to complete your job.