Mid Range Printing

Inkjet Printing -Midrange Papers

Our mid range prints are on lighter weight stocks, still from the finest manufacturers or surfaces designed for specific display or proofing purposes. All these materials are printed on our pigment based machines for long print life.

The Rag Photographique 210 is a 100% cotton rag paper for those who still want a rag paper at a lower cost.

Available Papers

The following papers fall into the mid-range category.
 Rice Paper, Eclipse Backlight Film only available in up to 24”  sizes. 

Canson: Photosatin 270gsm, Rag Photographique 210gsm,

Ilford: Galerie Smooth Pearl 310gsm

Hahnemuhle: Rice paper 100gsm

Epson: Epson Premium Gloss 250gsm

Chromajet: Metalic Pearl

Display materials: Eclipse Backlight Film, Hi Res Poster 180gsm & Matte Art 230gsm

Fixed Size Prints

Pricing table for Fixed Size Mid Range Prints
Print Size (in) Print Size (cm) Price
A5 21x14.8 $6.60
A4 21x29.7 $13.20
A3 29.7x42 $26.40
A3+ 32.9x48.3 $33.00
A2 42x59.4 $41.80
A1 59.4x84.0 $74.25
A0 84x118.8 $148.50
5x3.5 12.7x8.9 $4.75
5x4 12.7x10.2 $4.75
5x5 12.7x12.7 $4.75
5x7 12.7x17.7 $5.50
5x7.5 12.7x19.0 $5.50
5x8 12.7x20.3 $5.50
6x4 15.2x10.2 $4.75
6x6 15.2x15.2 $4.75
6x8 15.2x20.3 $6.60
6x9 15.2x22.8 $6.60
8x8 20.3x20.3 $9.90
8x10 20.3x25.4 $13.20
8x12 20.3x30.4 $13.20
10x10 25.4x25.4 $26.40
10x12 25.4x30.5 $26.40
10x15 25.4x38.1 $26.40
11x14 27.94x35.6 $26.40
12x12 30.5x30.5 $33.00
12x16 30.5x40.6 $33.00
12x18 30.5x45.7 $33.00
12x24 30.5x60.9 $33.00
12x36 30.5x91.4 $45.00
12x42 30.5x106.7 $45.00
12x48 30.5x121.9 $70.00
16x16 40.6x40.6 $41.80
16x20 40.6x50.8 $41.80
16x24 40.6x61.0 $49.00
20x20 50.8x50.8 $49.00
20x24 50.8x61.0 $49.00
24x24 61x61 $58.00
20x30 50.8x76.2 $74.00
24x30 61.0x76.2 $74.00
24x36 61.0x91.4 $82.00
30x30 76.2x76.2 $99.00
36x36 91.4x91.4 $111.00
30x40 76.2x101.6 $121.00
40x26.6 101.6x67.6 $105.00
40x40 101.6x101.6 $151.00
30x45 76.2x114.3 $148.00
40x50 101.6x127 $181.00
40x60 101.6x152.4 $241.00
45x45 114.3x114.3 $226.00
50x50 127x127 $267.00
55x55 139.7x139.7 $288.00
50x60 127x152.4 $267.00
60x60 152.4x152.4 $329.00
60x70 152.4x177.8 $370.00
60x90 152.4x228.6 $472.00