Andrew Wilson


about Andrew Wilson

Andrew is a multi-disciplinary artist. He grew up dodging plovers and house chores by running through his neighbour’s paddock to escape to the rocky shoreline of Ralph’s Bay, southeast of Hobart. He is highly regarded for his depth of visual storytelling, craft skills and striking compositions as a commercial photographer, published author and visual artist. The series of limited edition artworks listed here were created by Andrew for his highly successful solo exhibition at the Henry Jones Art Hotel called 'Custodian', for which he used a process called Digital Compositing, a fancy title that no one really understands. In plain English, digital compositing is painting using computer pixels, rather than acrylic or oil paints. Each artwork uses multiple images captured by Andrew over a decade, which are then brushed together in layers, with each finished piece telling a unique visual story about custodianship. Of his other work Andrew's much-loved publications include the illustrated coffee table books Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania 1 & 2, Coast Tasmania and Blue Water Classics.