Grant Dixon

Adventure Photographer

about Grant Dixon

Grant Dixon is a photographer whose work encompasses landscapes, abstract patterns in nature, wildlife, travel and adventure subjects. He was born and still lives in Tasmania, Australia's island state.

Grant has been exploring Tasmania's uniquely wild and wonderful landscape for some forty years, with camera never far from hand, and, for more than thirty years, has also trekked, climbed, skied and photographed (and sometimes all four) in many other wild and remote areas of the planet. He is particularly attracted to remote cool climate regions and mountain landscapes and has explored parts of all seven continents.

Images from Grant's travels have been widely published and continue the Tasmanian tradition of photography activating awareness of the environment. He co-publishes a calendar, Wild Tasmania, with Rob Bakers, and has recently published his first book, Winter Light, featuring both grand vistas and intimate details of the Tasmanian winter landscape. His prints, available here, all feature in this book.

In his foreword to Winter Light, writer and photographer David Neilson states, “this exceptional collection of alpine images clearly reveals Grant’s outstanding artistic vision. ….. The human spirit desperately needs wilderness and Grant’s photos speak to us passionately of that need“.