Art Reproduction

Full Gamut provides a comprehensive art reproduction service. We have many clients who have their original pieces digitised before they are sold. From the digital file we are able to create reproductions on paper or canvas in a range of sizes. An original can be reproduced as a set of A4, A3, A2, A1 or any custom size that can then be printed on demand providing an ongoing income stream for the artist.

We keep the reproduction files in our digital archive so that reprints can be ordered via phone or email and posted directly to the customer. Prints can also be custom framed or framed to one of our set sizes in house.

Artwork is digitised under controlled lighting conditions for accurate colour reproduction. Images are captured using a 47MP CMOS digital SLR and premium Zeis reproduction lenses. Larger pieces are photographed in sections and stitched together for larger file sizes.  Files can be supplied on DVD, written to a hard disk drive provided by the client or sent electronically via our Hightail system. Hi resolution Tiff files and a web sized JPEG will be provided on request.The artist owns the digital files and is at liberty to take them wherever they wish for reproduction.We do not lock you in to our service.

Art reproduction is charged at an hourly rate.Typically one large piece of work takes approximately 45min (500-1000mm wide). Some of this charge is initial setup. Subsequent pieces photographed at the same time will take less time so the effective price per piece will come down. It is therefore more economical to reproduce a batch of work than one piece at a time. 


Art Reproduction is charged out at $140.00 per hour inc GST