In House Print & Poster Laminating

Our single sided art lamination is available in a matte finish for prints and posters, which are printed by Full Gamut only. We no longer offer laminating service for materials brought in. Any lamination system involves an adhesive which can yellow or break down over time. Lamination of work is undertaken at the clients discretion. All care is taken but clients accept the risk of damage to artwork when laminated. It is advised that non replaceable originals should not be subject to lamination.

Sizes & Prices for Laminating

inch mm Price
10x10 254x254 $9.00
11x14 279x356 $10.00
12x12 308x308 $10.00
12x18 308x457 $11.00
16x16 406x406 $13.00
16x20 406x508 $14.00
16x24 406x609 $16.00
20x20 508x508 $16.00
20x24 508x609 $17.00
24x24 609x609 $20.00
20x30 508x762 $21.00
24x30 609x762 $24.00
24x36 609x914 $27.00
30x30 762x762 $28.00
30x40 762x1016 $35.00
40x26.6 1016x676 $32.00
30x45 762x1143 $39.00
40x50 1143x1270 $60.00
40x60 1143x1524 $84.00
A4 210x297 $9.00
A3 297x420 $11.00
A2 420x594 $16.00
A1 594x840 $25.00
A0 840x1188 $43.00