Banner & Pull Up Banner Printing

Pull Up Banner Printing

Our Pull Up Banners are ideal for trade shows, public events or shop showrooms. Prints are made on a high quality smooth block out material. We have two hardware options, a REGULAR product and a PREMIUM version. The Regular version is lightweight and compact with fold out feet. The  Premium version has a heavier base and the graphic can be easily replaced with a new design at any time.


Prices for Pull Up Banner Printing
Description Price
Pull Up Banner REGULAR (850mm) BLACK base, including print $145
Pull Up Banner PREMIUM (850mm) BLACK base, including print $250


Wide Format Vinyl Banners

Wide Format banners are used for temporary or permanent displays, marches or market stalls. Banners can be finished with hemmed, stitched edges, re-enforced corners, grommets and ties if required. Finishing price is additional to printing price below, various finishes are POA. Charge for printing is by the square meter or as per the table below

Square Meter Price: $85.00 per m2


Prices for Wide Format Vinyl Banner Printing
Description Price
Banner printing 1 m2  1000x1000mm $85.00
Banner printing 1.5 m2  1000x1500mm $127.50
Banner printing 2 m2  1000x2000mm $170.00
Banner printing 2.5 m2  1000x2500mm $212.50
Banner printing 3 m2  1000x3000mm $255.00
Banner printing 3.5 m2  1000x3500mm $297.50
Banner printing 4 m2  1000x4000mm $340.00
Banner printing 4.5 m2  1000x4500mm $382.50
Banner printing 5 m2  1000x5000mm $425.00
Prices for Wide Format Vinyl Banner Finishing
Description Price
Small Banner finishing up to 1 m2  1000x1000mm $35.00
Medium Banner finishing up to 3 m2  1000x3000mm $45.00
Large Banner finishing up to 5 m2  1000x5000mm $55.00


File Requirements

The best file format for submitting your banner is PDF. This will package together all your design elements, fonts and imges and ensure acurate printing. Should you require design work by our staff it will be charged out at $165 per hour. If you need complex photography or design assistance we will be happy to recommend a number of our colleagues.


Electronic File delivery

You can upload your design to us using our Hightail File delivery service. It is free and you can put in a message telling us what size you require, what banner type and when you need the finished work by. Please include your contact details such as name and phone number, and a postal address if we need to send it to you. 

Click on the image below to begin 



Once we have finalised you banner we will create and invoice which we can email for payment or you can pay in-store if collecting the poster from Full Gamut.

Please contact the team by phone on (03) 6240 3350 or by email at