B&W Carbon Piezography Prints

Carbon Prints – Discover the Difference.

Full Gamut introduces a new standard for digital B&W printing in Tasmania. Our Piezography Pro multi-tone carbon B&W prints are the densest, sharpest and finely graded dedicated Black and White print products available.

These are for the true conosiuers of B&W Print making.



Multi-tone inks

Our printer contains 9 shades of B&W inks, with a mixture of neutral, warm tone and cool tone and a gloss overcoat for darkroom style photo papers. This combination provides an endless variety of toning options. These inks are made in Vermont, USA by John Cone, a legend in the history of inkjet based printmaking. 


Highest Resolution and exceptional Black Density

Specialist print software ensures that all of the paper except white receives ink. Standard printers produce lighter tones by leaving small amounts of paper white showing which our eye perceives as "lightness". The additional inks and the ink blending algarithms ensure that the maximum ink load is applied.

This combined with the darkest pigment ink on the planet results in prints of the higest optical resolution and the deepest desnity of black.






Paper Options

Available Papers

  • Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310 - A traditional satine surface paper that is similar in tone and feel to a fibre based B&W darkroom paper
  • Canson Rag Photographique 310 - A smooth surface matte paper with great density and a neutral tone
  • Hahnemuhle: Photo Rag 308 - A world famous printing paper with a subtle texture and the highest D-max (maximum black density ) of any matte paper available

convert to greyscale

File Requirements

This print process requires greyscale images saved in a colour space with a gamma of 2.2. Colour spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB(1998) are both spaces with a gamma of 2.2 and will convert to greyscale without any change in tonal balalnce. The esiest way to convert your image is in Photoshop. To do this is open your image in Photoshop, go to the Edit menu and select Convert to Profile... Use the settings shown.

You can save your image as JPEG or as TIFF.

When saving as JPEG use the highest quality setting available. When saving as a TIFF file, the highest quality will be preserved with no degradation to any image tones. This is the prefered option for the highest quality prints.

If you are not confident in converting your image to greeyscale, send us your image and we can make the conversion for you.


Upload your Image



  • Click on the image above to use our Hightail image transfer system
  • You do not need to make an account to use this service
  • Once you have selected your images by clicking on My Computer or by draging the images into the dotted area on screen, you will be presented with a message box on the next screen
  •  Use the message box to give us specific instructions on size and paper choice
  • We will check your files before printing

Print Pricing


Pricing table for Fixed Size Premium Range Prints
Print Size (in) Print Size (cm) Price
A5 14.8x21 $11.00
A4 21x29.7 $22.00
A3 29.7x42 $38.50
A3+ 32.9x48.3 $44.00
A2 42x59.4 $66.00
A1 59.4x84.0 $123.00
A0 84x118.8 $245.00
5x3.5 12.7x8.9 $6.60
5x4 12.7x10.2 $6.60
5x5 12.7x12.7 $6.60
5x7 12.7x17.7 $11.00
5x7.5 12.7x19.0 $11.00
6x4 15.2x10.2 $6.60
6x6 15.2x15.2 $6.60
6x8 15.2x20.3 $11.00
6x9 15.2x22.8 $11.00
8x8 20.3x20.3 $22.00
8x10 20.3x25.4 $22.00
8x12 20.3x30.4 $22.00
10x10 25.4x25.4 $38.50
10x15 25.4x38.1 $38.50
11x14 27.94x35.6 $38.50
12x12 30.5x30.5 $44.00
12x16 30.5x40.6 $44.00
12x18 30.5x45.7 $44.00
12x24 30.5x60.9 $54.00
12x36 30.5x91.4 $82.00
12x42 30.5x106.7 $100.00
12x48 30.5x121.9 $115.00
16x16 40.6x40.6 $66.00
16x20 40.6x50.8 $66.00
16x24 40.6x61.0 $67.00
20x20 50.8x50.8 $68.00
20x24 50.8x61.0 $82.00
24x24 61x61 $82.00
20x30 50.8x76.2 $109.00
24x30 61.0x76.2 $109.00
24x36 61.0x91.4 $136.00
30x30 76.2x76.2 $163.00
36x36 91.4x91.4 $200.00
30x40 76.2x101.6 $200.00
40x26.6 101.6x67.6 $175.00
40x40 101.6x101.6 $234.00
30x45 76.2x114.3 $245.00
40x50 101.6x127 $324.00
40x60 101.6x152.4 $399.00