Eizo Test Drive

We believe that an EIZO monitor can make a huge difference to your productivity and creativity.
We want as many photographers as possible to experience that difference - thats why we've started the EIZO Test Drive program, where you can try and EIZO CG2730 for one week for free.

The program is simple - you book an EIZO CG2730 monitor for a week. We'll supply you with instructions on how to calibrate it, plus all the cables you could need to connect the monitor to your existing setup. We're also available for phone support if you're having any issues.

Conditions do apply. We require a $500 credit card deposit which is refunded when you return the monitor. Get your booking in quick as places are filling fast. See for yourself what an immense improvement having an EIZO monitor can make.
Be warned - chances are you will want to keep it


Your first step to improving your workflow begins here...

But first, here's what some of the best in the field say about EIZO monitors:

“I find EIZO monitors to be honest and provide
me with a true and realistic rendition of my
images ... excellent depth and detail.”

Tony Hewitt (Commercial & Fine Art Photographer)

“I tend to invest even more in my production
monitors than my computers because the monitor
is the window into my creative world. I don’t hold
back when it comes to the quality of my images,
no matter where they are displayed.”

Dr Les Walkling (Contemporary Artist & Master Printmaker)

“My first EIZO was a revelation. Finally, I had
a monitor that could display exactly what I
was working with.”

William Long (Commercial & Fine Art Photographer)

“Working with my Eizo monitor has been
a blessing when it comes to creating
and editing my images. The consistency
of clarity, the honesty of colour and the
rendition of tone is second to none.”

Lisa Saad (Advertising and Commercial Photographer)


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Not sure if an EIZO is right for you

Here's the opportunity you've been waiting for...

Experiment with an EIZO monitor in the comfort of your own workspace and see how it adds value to your workflow.

The uniformity of the screen and the highly accurate colours are best understood when you try an EIZO monitor yourself. 

A whole new way of improving your workflow is available right now, with the option to test drive an EIZO ColorEdge CG2730. 

About the ColorEdge CG2730

27 | 2.560 x 1.440 | IPS (Wide Gamut)

  • Built-in calibration sensor,
  • EIZO microprocessor
  • Individual calibration at the factory guarantees that the CG2730 provides the highest degree of color accuracy. 
  • The True Black IPS panel covers 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut
  • 98% of the DCI-P3 gamut. Enjoy colors just like the ones in the original image.