Download test charts for printing

Custom Print Profile Targets

Our target requires 2 pages of A4. We have also created an A3+ page with both pages of the target set out on 1 sheet.

Target Type  
Two page 1728 patches
Two page 1728 patches on an A3+ page
Custom Profile Order Form


Dowload the order form.

Fill in the profile order form with details of your printer and the paper that you are using. Make a note of the print settings you use and any other relevant information.

Paying for your profile

You can pay by direct deposit or add your credit card details to the order form. You can also pay for your profile online at the Custom Profiles product page

It is important that the target be printed as close to 100% scale, actual size, as possible. The black bars on the left and top side of the target are used by the spectrophotometer to locate and scale the reading area so don't crop these bars off when printing.





Use the Adobe Color Print Utility to print the targets.