Print & Frame Package with 20% Off RRP

Combine a print and frame order to receive a 20% discount off both + Bonus Home Delivery*

You can use our Hightail online ordering system to upload your images and we will print them and frame them to your specifications. Simply include a message with your order telling us what size you would like your print to be, what sort of frame style you would like and we will provide a quote and mock up of a design for you.

When your project is complete, you can collect it in store or if you are located in the greater Hobart Metro area we can deliver to your door, free of charge.

We can arrange for your payment to be taken by phone, online or by bank deposit, avoiding unnecessary contact at this time.

Use this time to explore the images on your phone and computer and make some memories to hang on your wall.

*Cannot be used with any other special pricing or existing orders. 
*Hobart metro will be defined by Full Gamut as 20km from Hobart GPO. Deliveries will be made once per week.


How to upload with Hightail:

Use this process to send us large files or files with specific needs not caterered for in our online photo ordering system.


Drag a file onto the Hightail window or click on My Computer to manually select images from your computer folders.

Once you have added and image you will see the following:

full gamut print and frame special


If you wish to send more images click on ADD MORE FILES


Fill in the fields shown along with a description of your job requirements and any other relavent details such as print type, framing requirements and if you are eligable for home delivery.


When you are satisfied with your selection and description Click UPLOAD

After your images have been uploaded you wil see the following:

full gamut print and frame special - upload success


We will receive a notification that your images have been uploaded and will contact you for any additional information required to complete your job.